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Hi! My name is Jennifer. I am the sole blogger here at Raising These Littles. This is a lifestyle blog featuring my personal experiences with homeschooling, raising twins, and family travel and adventures.

Last year, I homeschooled our oldest daughter (3rd grade) for the first time. Previous to this year, she attended a small local school. At the time of deciding to homeschool, we committed to doing it for a year. I am happy and excited that we are all looking forward to doing it another year now and hopefully years to come. I feel like in a short time, I have learned a ton. There are so many details to figure out in your first year of homeschooling. It’s overwhelming! I hope this blog will be a resource for new and veteran homeschoolers as a place to go for ideas, inspiration, and information. I will be offering bits and pieces of our own journey as well as things I am learning that would be helpful to others.

In addition to our first year of homeschooling, we had boy/girl twins last July. Yes, we did our first year of homeschooling with infant twins and survived! It was hard. Thankfully, I love coffee.

I know when we were expecting our twins, I was often looking for blogs and resources from mom’s who have been there. I didn’t always find what I was looking for. I hope this blog will be that place to go for ideas and information about our real journey with twins. It has been such a change transitioning to having twins from just our only child.

So here I am now. A homeschool mom to an upcoming 4th grader and a mom of twins. I am passionate about making memories with my kids and always striving to become better in every thing I do and am. I have so many ideas and things to share here and I hope you will follow me along this journey!

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