We are so excited about summer reading this year! M has progressed leaps and bounds this first year of homeschooling with reading. Now she is on to her own chapter books and independently reading for longer periods of time. There has even been some times where I find her reading on her own without being asked! Oh goodness, it seriously makes my mom heart overflow with all the good feels. I know that witnessing more of these moments are just around the corner for me and I am so excited! But, I am ready to give things a little push to continue to motivate her.

Enter in: Summer Reading Incentives.

The first thing we are doing is our own Summer Reading Log. I am not looking to track minutes. For us, I don’t want the pressure or to be restricted by a minimum of minutes. I just want her to read! We are just tracking what books she read, author, and date the book was completed. There will be a prize every time after 3 books are read.

For our prizes, I will purchased some small things I know she will love (think stocking stuffers etc) and wrapped them up in wrapping paper. After she reads 3 books she gets to pick out a prize. I love the idea of keeping the prizes wrapped up. She gets excited with the thrill of what could be inside. I imagine she will also be continued to be motivated because there are still more presents to unwrap! How fun! Now of course you can pick what ever amount of books to read that suits your reader before awarding the prize. This number was picked for us based on the fact that Makenna is reading chapter books now and I imagine it will take her a little longer to finish each book.

In addition to our own reading log, we will be participating in a few of the local Summer reading programs. Please check into as many Summer Reading programs as you can. It is exciting for the kids to mark off the same book on each of the the summer reading logs. They feel like the prize is just that much bigger. I am totally fine with this double dipping, I mean come on… reading is hard when you are just starting out, for some kids, our help is needed until it comes fluid enough to be fun and exciting.

Additional Summer Reading programs we will be doing this Summer….

  1. Barnes & Noble

    • Earn a free book after reading 8 books and bringing in a completed book log. This years program runs May 16- Sep.5, 2017. You can download the instructions and reading journal log here: Barnes & Noble
  2. Chuck E. Cheese

    • Kids can earn free 10 Chuck E. Cheese tokens for reading each day for 2 weeks. This one goes on all year. Find the info here:  Chuck E Cheese
  3. Our own local library 

    • You don’t always have to be a library member to participate in their kids summer reading programs. This means that although we usually use the library in our own town, for summer reading programs, we could also tap into the neighboring cities libraries. Most of them have prizes and free things for kids to earn for reading.


As of this writing we have already completed the Barnes & Noble reading log and M got her free book. Look at her beaming! Ahh she is so proud. The books she read for this one were chapter books and took several days to read each one so it took a bit. However, there are no restrictions so you could easily log books that are read in one sitting if that is the level your child is at.

Here she is with her completed log and getting her free book.

It was super easy. We went into Barnes & Noble with our completed log. We found the end cap in the Children’s department, picked out the book she wanted, and then exchanged the completed log with our free book at check out.

Most Importantly….

Summer reading incentives are supposed to be a fun way to encourage life long readers. I mean really, that is why we are doing it, right?! We want our kids to read every day with the hope that they will become stronger readers through the summer which in turns reaps benefits of confidence and the ability to become independent learners. Although I am constantly looking for ways to motivate my little reader, in the end I don’t want her to feel tons of pressure so we keep it pretty relaxed. I’d love to hear others approaches and ideas to helping their kidos with reading this summer. Please feel free to comment and join the conversation!

Also, I will be posting monthly reading lists of the books we are reading each month with some thoughts about them. You can check out our June list here: June Reading List 2017


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