Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Can you believe that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just DAYS away?! I have been asked a few times recently what would be good gift ideas for homeschool moms. So, I came up with my own personal favorites that I use plus a few things on my own wish list. I am confident any of my homeschool mom friends would love these gifts and so I am excited to share with you my top picks for 2017!

I have been on this amazing homeschool journey for a year and a half now with our 9-year-old girl. Being a homeschool mom (especially a relatively new one) is wonderful but can be challenging too. When a homeschool mom feels supported and encouraged by family and friends it is the best feeling ever! So, this year if you are looking for ideas specifically to help support, encourage, and show love for her in her role as a homeschool mom, check out this list!

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To Read

Recently, I discovered Julie Bogart’s books which are specially written to give homeschool moms daily encouragement and support. These books provide daily readings which offer encouragement to help continue confidently in your homeschool experience. The books themselves are quick reads if you need a whole bunch of encouragement at once. I try to take in one reading every morning to start my day off with a positive message for homeschooling and parenting. I am so thankful to have found these books. Most of us have come to know Julie through her amazing language arts and writing program called Brave Writer. In her series of books A Gracious Space: Fall, Winter, and Spring editions, she offers her own reflections and inspiration through her own homeschool journey as well as her interaction with many other homeschoolers. Her writing style is easy to read and digest and so far has been amazing for me. She speaks to the fears and rewards a homeschooling mom receives by choosing this educational path. Reading Julie’s thoughts is like having a friend every day cheering me on, reminding me why we are doing this.

A Gracious Space: Fall Edition

A Gracious Space: Winter Edition

A Gracious Space: Spring Edition

In addition to these top book picks, any homeschool mom would love a Kindle. Even though we all love the feel of a real book in our hands, a Kindle does offer the desired flexibility. It’s especially nice if your homeschool mom is often on the go. A Kindle is great for downtime at appointments and allows to have several books on hand at once.


To make it a complete package, add on a nice hard cover case and an Amazon Gift Card for new books.

To Organize

All homeschool moms I know need an amazing Planner and the end of the year is a perfect time to gift one. This year I am using the Life Planner and the Teacher’s Planner by Erin Condren and let me just say, they are the absolute best planners I have ever had!

They really are beautiful and special. There are so many options to make each planner unique and personal and the quality is amazing. I absolutely love using my planners every day!

Erin Condren Life Planner

Erin Condren Teacher Planner

To Use for School

Lately, we have been doing a lot of learning through notebooking. I am eagerly saving all of the beautiful work M is doing and then plan to laminate each page back to back, 3 ring punch them, and then put them all together in a binder to save.


Even if your homeschool mom doesn’t use this approach in her own homeschool, a Laminator is a great tool to have for a variety of projects. It’s not something we all think to get when we start off, so it is a nice little extra she will be happy to own.

Scotch Thermal Laminator

Laminating Pages

Another thing that I know many homeschool moms love is a binder machine. This little gadget is so handy for putting together a downloadable curriculum that many of us use. Also, for making notebooks, or keeping school papers all ttogether for the end of the year. Just so many uses.

Binding Machine

1/2″ Comb Binding

To Streamline Everyday Tasks

One of the things about being a homeschool mom is that I wear many hats and have a variety of responsibilities at home. I am always on the lookout for ways to streamline my everyday. I recently made meal planning a priority because I had been wasting so much time grocery shopping multiple times a week, eating out, and not knowing what was for dinner at 6pm. It has been a real struggle. Often times after a full day, there is just not a lot of energy to cook. So, I set out to find more crock pot type, quick and easy meals, and I came across the Insta Pot. I was instantly hooked! So far, I have made, breakfast, lunches, and dinners in my Insta Pot and am so in love with how it has streamlined meal time around here. Insta pots are the Crock pots of the future and there are even Facebook groups dedicated to helping beginners. It is a gift your homeschool mom will totally appreciate.

Insta Pot Duo With Stainless Steel Pot

The other kitchen gadget that is a total life saver is the Nutri Ninja. I received one last year as a gift and use it all of the time to make a power smoothie or protein shake. It is quick, powerful, and pretty mess free. I love it.

Nutri Ninja Auto IQ

There are really great deals on these this week with Black Friday/ Cyber Monday so it’s definitely a great time to get one if it is on your list!

Other Ideas Worth Mentioning

Have you thought of giving your homeschool mom the gift of Amazon FREE shipping all year? Getting her a membership with Amazon Prime is a gift worth giving! All homeschool moms I know are getting things from Amazon all of the time. It is just so much simpler for us. Plus, not having to worry about trying to find $35 worth of products to get free shipping is a huge plus. I love having free 2-day shipping. Often times our schedule changes quickly and not having to run out to get needed supplies and materials with babies in tow is huge.

Beyond things to wrap up, homeschooling moms would love untraditional gifts that allow them to get out for a bit and enjoy a little personal time. Consider these ideas:

  • Pedicures
  • Babysitting to allow for time away with friends or for date nights
  • Gift Certificate for cooking class or other hobby classes.
  • Gift cards for books, Amazon,
  • Starbucks gift package


What other ideas do you have for your homeschool mom this year? I’d love to hear others ideas. Please feel free to join the conversation. Also, as always if you get a chance to subscribe, I’d love to add you to the list for my newsletter.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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