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Welcome! My name is Jennifer. I am the sole blogger here at Raising These Littles. This is a lifestyle blog featuring my personal experiences with homeschooling and motherhood.

We are entering into our 4th year of homeschooling, and I am so excited for all of the things we have planned this coming year. The first two years homeschooling was a time where I was really figuring out my daughters learning style, my teaching style, what worked and what didn’t. Our 3rd year of homeschooling was a time of newly diagnosed twins with autism. We were suddenly faced with needs beyond my understanding. Our days were filled with therapy and our homeschool went very much to meeting the basics and filling in the rest with life learning. I am pretty proud of this last year and think we have grown and learned a lot together as a family.

After a big break from writing and blogging about our homeschool journey, I am very ready to return to this blog and share all that I have been learning over the past 3 years as well as all of the things we will be working on this coming year as we go through our days.

I hope others find this resource as a great place to go for ideas, inspiration, and information. I will be offering bits and pieces of our journey as well as things I am learning that would be helpful to others. Ultimately, homeschooling is a very personal decision that looks different for each family. I only aim to show our own experiences and in no way feel that our journey is the only way. I look forward to having a more significant presence this coming year online with this blog and in my social accounts. I can not wait to connect with others on a similar journey and add to my homeschool village.

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