Have you seen the movie Hope Floats? I haven’t seen it in forever but, I thought of it today. I always think about that movie when I think about beginnings. The main character in the movie has this amazing moment where she says this amazing statement:

“Beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad, but it’s what’s in the middle that counts. So when you find yourself at the beginning, just give hope a chance to float up. And it will.”

Recently, I met a woman who is a veteran homeschool mom with 12 years of experience homeschooling 3 kids. We both had an hour to wait while our kids did a homeschool group art class. She was sweet enough to join me for coffee and conversation while we waited. Talking with her reminded me how much at the beginning I still am in this homeschool journey. Only 7 months into our first year homeschooling after grades K-2 in a traditional school. I imagine our time together made her remember her beginning on a similar journey. Her words to me were those of understanding, hope, and inspiration for times ahead. I left feeling motivated and more relaxed knowing I could do this.

Beginnings are scary!


On this same day, only a few hours later, we went to the park. M was excited to find two new friends her age to play with, Brother and sister- twins! One red head, one blonde- just like ours! Their mom must have noticed me. The exhausted woman with the messy bun and the double stroller. I was pushing the babies slowly through the small area of pavement in front of the play structure trying to get both babies to fall asleep at the same time. No easy task. As I walked closer, I saw her look at the babies and smile. “Boy/Girl twins?” she asked. “Yes” I responded. The next half hour was a sweet woman telling me about her twins. She offered tips on how to manage different things. She thought about the beginning of her journey 8 years ago as I asked questions.

Beginnings are hard,” she remembered.


After reflecting on the events of today, I was excited to sit down and write this first blog post. Since this is a new journey for me and this is the very beginning, these events seemed to fit so perfectly.

Here I will be blogging about my journey raising these littles. I hope to provide my readers with not only inspiration but also resources they can use on their own homeschool journey or journey raising twins. Maybe you are not homeschooling but are interested in seeing what it can look like. Here will be glimpses of our real life homeschool journey and I’d love for you to follow along here and join us.

I will be sharing thoughts on motherhood as I navigate this crazy newness of having 3 kids which include baby twins.




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