Raising These Littles

How to Have the Best Summer Picnic Birthday Party

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Our twins turned ONE last week! So many feelings about that. Goodness, it is just unreal. For their first birthday, I really wanted to keep things simple and celebrate with just our family but it needed to be special and memorable too. We opted for a birthday party at the park and if you have …


How to Help a New TWIN MOM in the First Year

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My boy/girl twins are turning ONE this week! It hardly seems even possible. At this moment, the year feels like it has flown by. But, I know there were so many times that I felt like time was standing completely still, and the chaos around me was going to completely swallow me. Being a mom …


What I Learned my 1st Year of being a TWIN Mom

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This month our twins will be one year old! Oh my goodness.. how has this year been the fastest and slowest year ever?!.. The last 11 months have given so much meaning to the phrase, “The days are long, but the years are short.” Becoming a mom of twins was a surprise for us and …


Getting Out with TWINS the First Year

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One of the biggest things I was worried about while I was expecting my twins was the thought of never being able to leave the house. I thought for sure that I would never get out alone with my kids the first year. While there is no doubt that getting out with twins is a task, …