How much of your valuable time do you spend scrapbooking your memories? I used to spend hours scrapbooking and oh man I treasure those beautiful albums. Life with an only child gave me the luxury of being able to do journaling on all of my pages by hand. I carefully cut and cropped printed photos by hand. I carefully selected die-cuts and stickers to fit the theme of my page. I spent hours… on one page!

But I have twins now and I am homeschooling. I simply do not have that kind of time anymore and, I am sure you don’t either. And, to be completely honest, I don’t want to spend any time I may find on scrapbooking. Not to mention, scrapbooking requires a ton of STUFF! I mean, you have to have all of those materials on hand or go spend a fortune every time you want to do a few pages. No thanks. I am slowly working on purging and simplifying my household for my own (and my families) personal happiness and sanity. Through this process, I was shocked to see how much scrapbooking STUFF I had. Ehhh

One thing I am not willing to give up though is documenting the memories I am making with my children. The solution I found earlier this year is relatively new although the company is not. It is called Digital Project Life by Becky Higgins and it has seriously saved my sanity! I have been a big fan of Project Life for years. In fact all of my handmade albums since my oldest was born is done with Project Life. I am a huge believer. I do not work for Becky Higgins. I am just a customer and love her scrapbooking approach because I have tried it and it works for me. So, earlier this year I tried DIGITAL Project Life. Holy cow guys, this has been a game changer!

Check out these pages I have made recently through the Digital Project Life App on my iPhone. These pages were made in 15-20 min each. I edited and cropped the photos once in the layouts. Most of the pictures were directly from my iPhone. However, if you still love your DSLR, there is a work around for that too. I sometimes have pictures with my big girl camera and want to scrapbook them. I just drag the pictures I want to scrapbook into dropbox on my computer. Then I open the picture from my dropbox app on my phone and save it to my phone pictures. Then I can get the photos and scrapbook them in the Project Life app. It really is pretty easy!

Below I am going to show you some 12×12 pages I just made in the Digital Project Life App. These pages all will be printed (through the Project Life App) and will all go in different albums (I have an album for each of the kids and also a Homeschool album which documents field trips and more). These are just some examples of what you can create.










Pretty Huh! But what do they look like printed? Let me tell you they are really good!! I always lighten my photos to make sure they don’t print too dark. Let me show you some of my albums! I have never been unhappy with a printed page I receive from the Project Life App.



And here is a few of my pages slipped into the 12×12 page protectors and into my album. It completely fuss-free. Perfect for me!



Look how nicely the pages stack up! No bulky pages because of thick stickers and die-cuts. Swoon!


I hope you loved taking a look into my Digital Project Life albums! Next week, I am going to do a step by step post on how to make pages in the Project Life App. I hope you will join me again and hopefully learn some tips! Feel free to join my email list to get an alert on when the post is up!


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