Raising These Littles

Discover 4 New Ways to Build READING CONFIDENCE

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Are you looking to find ways to build reading confidence in your kids this year? Helping kids find a love of reading is often a big goal of homeschool moms. Whether you are just trying to supplement at home or are homeschooling, there are things that you can do to help! When I first started …


Homeschool Geography for Elementary Kids

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One of the things I find a lot of joy in is seeing M learn U.S. Geography. We are not following a boxed curriculum but instead have pieced together a few key things for homeschool geography that is working for us. I find that this approach is one that she is enjoying and because of …


5 Big Benefits of adding KNITTING & CROCHET to your Homeschool

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Winter is here, and if you are like me, we all just want to cozy up inside and stay warm. These negative wind chills here in Michigan are hard to get used to this week, and I have no desire to leave the house for anything! When I saw the forecast, I admittedly had visions …


2017 Best Gift Ideas for the Homeschool MOM

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Can you believe that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just DAYS away?! I have been asked a few times recently what would be good gift ideas for homeschool moms. So, I came up with my own personal favorites that I use plus a few things on my own wish list. I …


Homeschooling and Motherhood Isn’t Always Pinterest Worthy

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I have to be honest; I started this blog with all sorts of ideas and goals. It was intended to be not only a personal outlet, but a way to share ideas and thoughts with others on a similar journey as me through the beautiful craziness of homeschooling, motherhood, and having twins. I started with …


How All About Reading Saved Our Homeschool

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Since we are all in homeschool planning mode right now, and you are all searching for the right reading program for you, I thought it would be helpful to share our experience. If you are new to homeschooling or just trying to find a better approach to teaching reading, you are in the right place. …


Homeschool Field Trip – Junior Baker

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Recently we went on a fantastic field trip for our little baker, and I wanted to share how fun it was. One of the reasons we have fallen in love with homeschooling is the flexibility that we have had to experience a bunch of fun field trips with other homeschool friends. We have learned so …


What I Learned from Our 1st Year of Homeschooling

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When M was in 2nd grade, I found out I was pregnant. With TWINS! While we were excited with the surprise, I was overwhelmed with the idea of being able to manage two babies at one time plus make sure to make time for my 2nd grader. I was scared. Really scared. As the year …


8 Big Benefits of Homeschooling

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Now that we are finishing up our first year of homeschooling, I wanted to give a glimpse of the positives we have discovered by learning at home. One thing I didn’t really expect when I started was that many people have strong opinions about homeschooling. Many of these opinions are not positive, sadly. I think …



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Have you seen the movie Hope Floats? I haven’t seen it in forever but, I thought of it today. I always think about that movie when I think about beginnings. The main character in the movie has this amazing moment where she says this amazing statement: “Beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad, but it’s what’s in the …