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TOP 4 Homeschool Books to Renew Your Purpose

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Summer is halfway over and if you are like me, you are eager to renew your homeschool purpose moving into the new school year. When spring hit, I found myself in the same place. I am so glad I found some homeschool books to help. I hope you get a chance to read through this …


Discover 4 New Ways to Build READING CONFIDENCE

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Are you looking to find ways to build reading confidence in your kids this year? Helping kids find a love of reading is often a big goal of homeschool moms. Whether you are just trying to supplement at home or are homeschooling, there are things that you can do to help! When I first started …


Teaching a Growth Mindset- Big Life Journal Review

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A while ago I came across the idea of teaching a growth mindset to kids. I was incredibly intrigued by the idea of helping M learn how to think with a growth mindset. So, I spent some time learning everything I could about growth mindset. As an adult, it was really fascinating to learn about the approach of …


2017 Best Gift Ideas for the Homeschool MOM

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Can you believe that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just DAYS away?! I have been asked a few times recently what would be good gift ideas for homeschool moms. So, I came up with my own personal favorites that I use plus a few things on my own wish list. I …


Homeschooling and Motherhood Isn’t Always Pinterest Worthy

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I have to be honest; I started this blog with all sorts of ideas and goals. It was intended to be not only a personal outlet, but a way to share ideas and thoughts with others on a similar journey as me through the beautiful craziness of homeschooling, motherhood, and having twins. I started with …


Our 4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices for 2017-2018

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We are so excited to be entering into our 2nd year of homeschooling. M is now officially in 4th grade and we have so many fun things planned for this upcoming year, I just can’t wait to share with you what we will be doing. I hope you will follow along with our journey on Facebook …


What I Learned from Our 1st Year of Homeschooling

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When M was in 2nd grade, I found out I was pregnant. With TWINS! While we were excited with the surprise, I was overwhelmed with the idea of being able to manage two babies at one time plus make sure to make time for my 2nd grader. I was scared. Really scared. As the year …